Peel & Eat Key West Pinks

If Chicago is known for it’s hot dogs and New York City for it’s pizza, then Key West should be known for it’s delecetable pink shrimp. Wild caught Key West Pink Shrimp can be found in so many dishes from a gumbo to a paella, but one of our favorites is still the traditional peel and eat. The recipe is as easy as the shrimp are good. Steamed in the shell for maximum flavor. It doesn’t get much easier. Recipe: Peel & Eat Steamed Key West Pink Shrimp Ingredients: 16/20 Count Key West Pink Shrimp, 4-6 per person 1/4 C Key West Spice Company┬« Southernmost Blend Equipment: Large stainless steel pot with steamer insert & lid Ice for cooling quickly Directions: Put a large pot of water on to boil. While water is heating place shrimp in steamer insert and rinse well under cold water. With the water boiling, add the Southernmost Blend to the water and place steamer insert with rinsed shrimp onto the pot and cover with lid. Let steam for about 3 minutes, shrimp will look opaque when ready. Remove steamer insert and cover shrimp with ice to cool quickly. Serve with your favorite cocktail sauce. Share the Love!

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