January in Key West

It’s the most wonderful time of the Year! After saying goodbye to the holidays, it’s hello to a new year. With the New Year comes so many wonderful things and activities. January in Key West is wonderful. The weather is here and so are so many other people. If you live here or visit Key West during the month of January, then you already know. But just in case you are somewhere else here are a few facts about Key West and the month of January. The weather really is awesome here this time of the year, not uncommon to be the warmest spot in the country during the month of January. Great music comes to the Island this month, not that we don’t always have great music, but it’s the time of the year really nice bands travel south to play where it’s warm. January in Key West means Race Week, that’s when hundreds of the world’s best sailors convene on the island to compete in one of the most spectacular sailboat events in the country. January in Key West is also home to my most favorite event of the year, The Key West Food and Wine Festival. Its four great things all in one; January + Key West + Food + Wine! And it’s also when our local commercial fisherman host the annual two day Key West Seafood Festival at Bayview Park. January in Key West means Race Week and home to the Southernmost Regatta. Imagine hundreds of the world’s best sailors convene on the island to compete in 5 spectacular days of sailboat racing. It’s also my birthday month and the month we were rescued by our dog Maverick! All I can say is, thank goodness it’s 31 days! Share the Love! Jan Janu KW Seafood Fest 5 KW Seafood Fest 2 maverick's page  

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